Sunday, October 14, 2018

Running in Singapore: Little India's Farrer Park

If you stay in Singapore's Little India, for instance at the newly opened and reasonably priced Hilton Garden Inn, and want to neither run on the treadmill (they have 3 great ones, but I'm still so much more comfortable running outside, even in this heat and humidity) nor hit the street traffic, I got a great loop for you: 0.87 mile around the Farrer Park.
I ran it 10 times last Wednesday and 12 on Thursday (if you don't believe me, you can even count the laps in this 3D flyover, nah! ;-) ).
The view of the park from my hotel room, hard to resist to the calling of such a green patch right in the city!
Same one after a huge rain storm on Thursday (and I was amazed all water had disappear the next morning, great drainage and/or evaporation!):
Super flat, around a huge grass area (soccer and baseball fields), smooth concrete, and even some shade from nearby buildings if you run early in the morning.

Not the most scenic course in Singapore, but very convenient to run a few miles and not worry about car traffic (yes, they run on the other British side in Singapore, be careful! ;-) ).

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