Saturday, October 6, 2018

Bay Day 2018: celebrating with yet another 50K!

I'm really proud that IBM has stepped up to support our local Save the Bay organization, and sponsor this year's Bay Day! Being headquartered in New York, we are challenged to compete with local companies in our philanthropic efforts, but this time, we are next to Facebook!
Per my blog of last night, I celebrated this special day by running another 50K (well, I ended up logging 32.5 miles, so more than 52 kilometers), from Cupertino to Palo Alto and back.

My first stop was at the Baylands Nature Preserve center where I zipped through the exhibit. I've run many times by this yacht club-looking pavillon on weekends over the past 15 years but first time it's open so I can visit.

As I exited the center, I was looking at a canoe with two people and a large dog, just as it... capsized, oops! The water is shallow enough that it wasn't much of a danger, the bottom quite muddy and the water cold. What $10 can buy you as an unforgettable experience! ;-)
At the preserve center, a volunteer pointed me to the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretative Center, stating that they had a live bald eagle on display. Unfortunately, she (that eagle) had arrived at 10 am but it was noon already and her keepers had left already.

I visited all the stations setup by the Save the Bay volunteers on the other side of the slough

A group doing the guided walk passed by.
Here is an idea to display the effect of pollution.
A couple of Save the Bay volunteers noticed my shirt, making the connection with the volunteering projects our Silicon Valley Lab site has done with this organization, since July.
On my way back, a picture in front of the pelicans.

Then this gigantesque project on NASA's Moffet Field ground, probably from the opulent Google.
And a status on the Mountain View landslide, still not repaired after a year...

Great excuse to run a 50K again today, my 6th in 6 consecutive weeks. Now time to get to the airport for my flight to Singapore, with the peace of mind of knowing the Bay is well taken care of, although there is so much to do to preserve such an amazing but fragile natural wonder. To the San Francisco Bay!

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