Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Running in Nashville: Stones Ridge Greenway, near BNA

So long for tapering, I can't resist trying out trails when visiting new places, and what a trail Stones Ridge Greenway is, near the BNA airport, so close to Nashville! A great opportunity to log a few miles away from any car traffic on this 10-mile long paved bike and pedestrian path.

It took me a bit of guessing to find the closest trail head to my hotel in Google Maps, because a busy train track can easily be mistaken for the trail. I settled for a very particular place, the Tennessee School for the Blind, where I parked (and I know this isn't an official trail head parking...). Why special? Because it reminded me the visit blind ultra runner Simon Wheatcroft made last year to the California School for the Blind, with an inspiring talk facilitated by Marie Trudelle.

Nothing spectacular to report on this run, I went all the way to the mile 5 marker, and ran faster on the way back as, first, I didn't stop to take pictures and, second, work was calling. Or yelling as a matter of fact... ;-) But, after another short 5-hour sleep, working late and still digesting the 15-hour jet lag of last Saturday, I was really pleased to squeeze in 15K before another long day.

Here is a shot of the trail map from a trail head at Kohl's, 2.5 mile in the run, with a water fountain:

Relive's 3D flyover to situate the run (click on link, or picture):
And a few pictures to show you how green (and picturesque...) the area is, mid October.

 It's October... Boo! ;-)

So special to discover a bit of Tennessee this active but quiet way, before plunging in the amazing musical experience of hundreds of bands playing at every bar at night, if not on multiple floors, in downtown Music City!

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