Sunday, July 15, 2018

Staycation? Hmm, what about 16,733 miles instead...

Oh no, I didn't run 16,733 miles during my last vacation, that would have been really exhausting! ;-)

Sometimes I wish I'd stay home for vacation, to get some good and needed rest, and catch-up on so many things I can't keep up with on a daily or weekly basis.

But I don't think I married the right girl for this (just kidding!), this is certainly not our style or life!

As a matter of fact, I haven't checked these statistics these past years so maybe it wasn't a record year (as it is for global warming unfortunately and seemingly inexorably with the current leaders we have in the US :-/ ). But I thought this summer trip was particularly hectic so I did the maths. I'm still missing quite a few miles of walking in the places we visited but I already got a big enough number, below:
With airport codes, plus other city names where we spent at least a night, that would be: SFO-CDG-KRK-WAW-FRA-BCN-FRA-CDG-Paris-Chamonix-Chambery-Lyon-Annecy-Route des Grandes Alpes-Menton-Valreas-Lyon-Granville-Paris-CDG-SFO, phew what a litany! Oh, and as it wasn't enough, Agn├Ęs added Strasbourg and Reims before flying back.

On one hand, I feel a bit ashamed with the ecological impact of all these miles. On the other, we saw so many in our respective families, and friends, that was quite worthwhile. Not to mention discovering a new country, Poland. I'm at 56 of 257 countries in that list, and only 48 if I don't count the territories (shorter/more aggregated list of sovereign states, including quite a few ongoing disputes...). It's going to take a lot of time to visit the rest of the World, uh, crazy quest and life goal!

Farther, faster...

If you were able to take some time off, what did you discover during these vacations already, where did you go?