Saturday, July 14, 2018

Back to my Paris-Saclay-Paris 50K: a few more pictures

I already posted about my favorite long run when I visit Paris, starting from Stade Charléty in the 13th arrondissement, getting on La Coulée Verte along the French bullet train, the TGV, down to Saclay Bourg, and back. Right on 50K with almost no car traffic once you left Paris, priceless in such an urban area otherwise.

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And on La Coulée Verte:
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Let me add a few pictures from my latest run on that course on June 23, as a plog post (photo log...).

First, the great prize of getting to the church of Orsay Bourg, the return point:

Wearing the appropriate t-shirt on the day of Western States 100-mile in California! ;-)
The convenient convenience store in Orsay Bourg which you can use as an aid station to refuel (Coke, water, ice cream, and much more!).

The last mile before Orsay, some explanation (in French...) about the sophisticated water collection system to get fresh water down to Versailles in the 17th century.

The recent Abbaye de Saint-Louis du Temple (an active community of about 50 sisters):
Last but not least, such a curiosity when passing by this collector's front yard on Chemin de la Motte Samson, souvenirs, souvenirs, if you were raised in France a few decades ago...! ;-)

As a bonus, the 3D fly-over (click on link or picture below to get to the video):
And the Strava activity for the detailed map/course:
Et voilà, one more advertising for this very convenient route if you want to run long while staying in Paris! Strongly recommended.

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