Saturday, July 14, 2018

Running in Barcelona, Spain: barely a recommended run through the port, by night

To continue on my European 'catch me if you can' series, after Krakow, Poland, then Chamonix in the Alps, and Saclay, South of Paris, a very short one about my quick run around Barcelona, Spain, by night, at the end of 2 client working days down there.

As a matter of fact, I had posted about a run there 11 years ago (An athletic tour of Olympic Barcelona) while visiting with the family, on a much nicer and touristic course. And early in the morning which, I confirm, is the best time of the day to avoid the traffic.

But I didn't have the time to run in the morning during this short professional visit so I went in the evening, after a few tapas...

Sunset on the Bogatell beach, at the end of the popular Rambla del Poblenou:

From there, you run along the beach (nice) until you get to the super busy Ronda Litoral highway, not good for foot traffic. Since it was dark, I got on a large avenue crossing the harbor, another option which would not be recommended during the day given the heavy truck traffic. Needless to say, I didn't see anyone else running there; a police car even slowed down while passing me, looking at me quite suspiciously...

I got so deep into the harbor that I had to go through a tourniquet which required a badge to get out, oops! Fortunately, there was an intercom and someone opened the gate without asking how in hell a runner got there... Well, getting out of the harbor was one thing but crossing the crazy nearby interchange was even more frightening and dangerous. Bottom line, not the best route, I should have crossed back into the city before the Monjuic Park! You've been warned in case you are looking for a long run while in Barcelona...
Here is a 3D fly-over from
And my Strava activity for the details, if you are still interested, or at least to see what to avoid:
I came back to the hotel just before midnight, slept for 4 hours before a 6am flight to Frankfurt, short night. But what can I say, it's typical not to sleep much in Spain anyway, right?

Oh, one last thing: it was cool to see this BUFF booth at the airport, as a reminder that this now popular brand, with many copies around the globe, is from Barcelona!
With the buff actually being originally designed for motorcycle riders, not runners! ;-) Who would have known...?

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