Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ultra blog: passing the cap of the 26.2th blog

26 posts. 26 like in 26 and... 0.2 miles (or 42.195 km for the ones not counting in miles).

Interesting that I decided to start this blog on a 26-mile training run back in March during a get away weekend with Agn├Ęs in South Dakota (below in Badlands National Park).

26 posts in 26 weeks. On one hand, it isn't much, some bloggers are much more prolific. On the other, it is sometimes a drag to spend time on writing these stories, especially the formatting side. Time added to already a lot spent on running, training, racing. Time taken from family and weekend time.

On the bright side, some of you have left comment proving there are some readers out there. I also got to know some runners, on line. Even Mom is reading, but the English doesn't appeal much to the rest of the family in France. Or is it the paranoiac focus on running...? ;-)

Anyway, more running tomorrow. "Only" 20K, "just" under a half-marathon, whew! In the meantime, let's try to sleep after this frustrating and raging defeat against England in tonight's Rugby World Cup semi-final. So close, but a great fight on both sides.

Bonsoir de Paris!

PS: and Monday is Blog Action Day, see you online!

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Benelux said...

Too bad about France in the match. I've been following them as well. At least you were in Paris to "see" it! I like your blog. I also have a running blog decribing running while having 3 kids. I know what you mean about the entries... Having French connections in my family, It was nice to find your blog.

Nice job.

Ben Renich

Jean Pommier said...

Thanks for stopping by, Benelux! Hey, pacing an amazing runner, you must be pretty fast yourself. Good luck taking running back. Hum, making it your second job (in reference to the title of my blog)?

Take care,

Benelux said...


Hopefully I didn't misrepresent myself. I'm more of a midpacker. A couple of top 20 finishes in my handful of ultras. Not nearly as fast as lowercase. You may have seen him down in NorCal, he has family down there and has participated in a number of races there (Cool, Dick Collins, American River, WS100).

Hope all went well in the Paris 20k. I must admit, I'm a sucker for most things French. That would be a fun race to enter (along with one of those wine marathons in the countryside...)