Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Farther and faster in Runner's World: consecration?

Just kidding, the traffic on my blog is so low compared to some others, and the one of my blog master, Scott Dunlap, in particular, nothing to brag about. But...

What a good surprise to see the two words associated in one article title in Runner's World, a prominent magazine in the running community! Well, maybe not the ultra community, "just" the "up to the marathon" running community. Which is not too bad, several tens of thousands of people. And a community I still belong to, splitting my 2007 season between 7 road and 10 ultra trail races. Yes, I've one foot in each community, I subscribe and avidly read every issue of these publications, on both sides of the 26.2-mile "fence":
  1. Runner's World
  2. UltraRunning Magazine
  3. TrailRunner
  4. California Track & Running News
  5. UltraFondus (in French)

Here is the introduction to the article as published by Active.com, the text which caught my attention:

"As runners, we all want to increase our endurance, but we're often referring to two different things: speed and distance. Here are seven simple plans for running farther and faster."

And the full story: BOOST YOUR ENDURANCE - Seven simple plans for running farther and faster, by Amby Burfoot. A piece of a series of Training Essentials must-read articles.

Farther and Faster, that's what I am talking about! ;-)

PS#1: just received my December issue of Runner's World this afternoon, see you later...

PS#2: this image comes from my last adventure in Costa Rica where I got my wallet stolen, so could not leave the country for several weeks. Just a private joke at my company for making the cover page of Runner's World!


Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Jean,
You left out "Marathon and Beyond" (http://www.marathonandbeyond.com/). Check it out, I think you would like that bi-monthly magazine (really looks more like a small book).

Oh, and what a pain to be stranded in Costa Rica for a few weeks. ;)

Jean Pommier said...

You are right, Peter, this is a very good and serious publication as well.

The list was just the ones I've subscribed too, it's not meant to be exhaustive, I do actually read more, not to mention the books... A good topic for some future posts.

See you at HK on Saturday morning (not sure how I'm getting there yet, still searching from some carpooling options...).


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

I agree that books would be a good topic for a future post. "Running Through The Wall" is my favorite.

Hey, we could even collaborate on a book review series.