Saturday, April 6, 2019

Running in Oceania: a tour of Huahine Iti

Second stop of our trip to the French Polynesia: Huahine, another pearl, one of the most authentic islands. 30 minutes from Tahiti by plane, and you can see the famous Bora Bora island far away.

Like most of the islands of the archipel, it's covered by a dense rain forest, so much that it's easier to run on the coastal road, which is what I did. Huahine is actually two islands next to each other, with a bridge in between. And a 200-meter deep gorge where whales like to visit in the austral winter (June-October).

The larger island is Huahine Nui, the smaller one, Huahine Iti. We were staying 2 km from the bridge on Huahine Nui and I ran all around Huahine Iti, for almost 21 miles.

Here is the classic 1-minute summary from Relive (click on the image below or this link):
Meeting Agn├Ęs at the end of my loop

And more pictures and details below.

Maroe bridge, toward Huahine Iti:
 Colorful pareos drying in the sun, a change from the overwhelming green:
 Very nice road and not much traffic:
 The only

 What a view for a picnic!

 A convenient store to get iced water

Marae Anini, on the South shore of Huahine Iti, an archeologic site with a preserved altar. A bit of a hill to know that this was the place of human sacrifices, with the last one occurring in 1875...

 La Maison du Pareo

 I think it's the first time I see cows under coconut trees...
 Middle school
 Back to the bridge, toward Huahine Nui
It was so hot and humid at 10:30 am already, I was really happy to be done with 21 miles. Tough place to run!

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