Monday, September 3, 2018

Working on Labor Day. And playing too!

It's labor day in the US (as opposed to May first here in France) and, by working, I'm talking about my second job, running!

After 10 miles on Saturday before leaving Chamonix, still with some soreness in my quads, 20 miles this Sunday on the Coulée Verte between Paris and Massy, I went back to Saclay Bourg again this Monday, for another 50K (31 miles), logging 100K in 3 days, a few days after my 90K at the TDS.

Click on this screen shot for the 3D fly-over:

But, this time, for those who read by post of July, Back to my Paris-Saclay-Paris 50K: a few more pictures, I made the time to stop to meet the incredible collector sharing his treasures in his front yard, Serge Blanchard (Facebook page).

Showcasing hundreds of artefacts from the last century (1900-1985), from old automobiles to kitchen utensils, license plates or musical instrument, Serge shares his passion through this free and open air museum. The location isn't convenient if you visit Paris, but worth the 10 miles to run from Paris to reach it. Here is the address to help you locate it: 95 chemin de la Motte Samson, 91120 Palaiseau.

Serge is also the main fixture of this eclectic place; make sure to interview him about how he managed to get our of addiction and he is now helping others to do so!

Also, don't delay your visit too much; after a century his family has been cultivating the nearby fields in Saclay, Serge is looking to move out for more space and less constraints than those imposed in such an urban area in the Parisian region!

 The inventor of Tour de France:

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