Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TDS 2018: H-10, getting ready!

I should be sleeping so a short one before I disappear in the treacherous Alps in 10 hours. According to the picture from the title sponsor, Columbia, at the bib pick-up, I am... Ready for UTMB 2018!
Well, not sure the photograph was able to read everything going through my mind these days...

The cold is almost under control, it's going to be interesting to see if high elevation is going to finish clear my sinuses, or the opposite...

The weather? Not bad at H-12, but clouds are quietly building up so it's likely the weather men's forecast will materialize tomorrow. Thunderstorms and rain showers at least in the afternoon and evening. Better not spend all the night up there, although I'm afraid that's what I'm going to do (the lead runners are expected in Chamonix by 8:30 pm, but I'd be happy if I make it early Thursday...).
Good news: I had all the required items in my pack for the control at the bib pick-up. Last year if I recall, we were checked on 3 items. This year? 8! Serious stuff, and that doesn't include potential gear check during the race...
 Worst than TSA's security check at airports... especially when you get used to the TSA Pre-Approved status!
What a week in Chamonix! Amazing for instance that the main language here is English. I was shopping this afternoon, and I didn't know which language to use, first with an employee with an Italian accent but, more embarrassedly, with another employee with a strong French one! ;-) Definitely in tune with the title of "world summit of trail running!"

Super cool to see Celia from GU in Berkeley, manning the booth today:
I also spent some time at the Petzl airstream lab to understand how to best leverage the customizable modes of my Petzl Nao+. I wish I wasn't going to need it tomorrow night, but I certainly will!

And yesterday, between two conf calls, I managed to catch my grandson's MCC finish, at least someone I knew!

Matthieu with two of his friends, Kevin (28th overall) and David, having fun on the podium and finish line!

With that, time to go to bed, shuttle at 4:15 am in France and start at 6 on the Italian side! You can follow me live at https://utmbmontblanc.com/en/live/runner/6122. No big expectation except to finish this other beast! Back to you on Thursday then!

PS: for more details on the race, see my previous post of Sunday.

****** 4 am race day update ******
Bus shuttles delayed by 2 hours, start delayed by 2 hours as well at 8 am Central European Time, 11 pm Pacific Time. So long for a better and longer pre-race sleep...


Peter said...

Have a GREAT race Jean! I have been meaning to check in!

Steve said...

I've got TDS on my list. Looks like a fantastic course. Have a great run!!