Friday, January 13, 2017

Running in Dallas: downtown Trinity Skyline

It may appear like a misleading title knowing you can run miles away from downtown Dallas along the Trinity Sklyline.

But the point is that this amazing system of trails is accessible just a few blocks away from downtown. Now, that may be of interest only to visitors staying in hotels in downtown Dallas. Indeed, it is my impression that nobody really lives downtown, that all these skyscrapers are office buildings only. And I did confirm that with someone who has lived in the area for many years. In any event, you can get on The Trinity by taking Commerce Street and passing by a place with an appealing address, Riverfront Boulevard, but where you don't want to stay, a State of Texas detention center.
Once you are between the two levees, following the bike path or trail is pretty straightforward. Although it is actually not that straight as you can see on my Strava tracks. Indeed, if you stay on the large you still need to go around the several sewers discharging into the Trinity river.

In addition to the great views of the city's skyscrapers, the main points of interest are the various bridges you pass under, most notably the aerial and suspended Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge:

I like in particular the huge flags on each side of the viaduct which look like a border between Texas on one side and the United States. Pun intended given the current nasty arguments about building a wall with Mexico...

On the South side, here is another elegant bridge, also named after a Margaret, the Margaret McDermott Bridge which is set to open this year!

Not sure what's going with Margaret in Dallas but here is a cow also named Margaret!
Next to Lucy and a few other sculptures at the Tramell Crow Park (under the bridge of Sylvan Avenue):

By the way, as you can see on this picture, the bike path has Texan dimensions: it is wider than many side roads in France, two trucks can easily cross!

As for the bridge of Commerce Street, it exhibits a much heavier and basic design, with a lot of concrete which a few street artists have enhanced with their paintings.

I went on for 3.5 miles North of Commerce Street and it seems like the trail keeps going for a few more miles.

Again, pretty straightforward way to log some flat miles in if you are staying in one of the many hotels in downtown Dallas.

PS: at the end of my work meetings, I discovered these flocks of great-tailed grackles covering the trees and making so much noise, see this video:

Quite productive birds to cover the side walks with smelly guano...
Watch out when walking under these trees between dusk and dawn!

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