Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cupertino Big Bunny 5K: letting the bunnies go

A quick Easter update 3 weeks after my stroke incident: a big thank to all your supportive and comforting messages, I'm still doing fine, just suffering from a big urge to get back to running. I was going to say training but, no, at this point, I just want to run. But I'm going to wait for the results of the follow-up MRI which is finally scheduled for this Wednesday, phew! To hopefully learn more about what type of blockage this is about and what is the extent of it. In the meantime, Greg who is Pre Med at Berkeley introduced me to an amazing online software to explore our body's anatomy:
Check it out, there are so many things to learn about the body, and this interactive and 3D way is really cool, very much worth the trip... inside!

In other news, yesterday was Holly Saturday, the day we also have our local Big Bunny 5K race in Cupertino. It often coincided with an ultra race these past years, but not this year with Easter being so early, so it was tempting to just run 3 miles but definitely not reasonable. As a therapy attempt, I just went on the course at the end of my street as well as at the finish to take a few pictures, but that didn't really calm my running dependence... To make it worse, I took my Nikon but it was set on the wrong auto focus option so I missed most of the pictures. Ouch, not capable of running, nor even photographing, I feel quite worthless these days... :-/

I would certainly have loved to chase two Sheriffs on their bikes, quite cool of an escort! ;-)
Since I missed the pictures of winner Jonathan Kimura (16:37), from Excelsior, here is one of his teammate Sherry Lee (center), to see that I have nothing against Excelsior, to the contrary! (That's an insider note, Excelsior has been dominating our Ultra running championship these past years... ;-)
Last but not least, and to excuse some blurriness, I can always claim that Elliot Daniels runs way too fast for his age: he finished 5th overall, clocking 18:13, and he is 11 years old! Elliot is known for setting a new World Record last year for half marathon and the M10 age group, see the NBC coverage.

Anyway, I don't feel ready to just be spectating other runners, it feels too hard and abrupt to be side lined this way. I don't know yet to which extent I will be allowed to, or not, but I certainly hope I can get back into some running game.

Meanwhile, while missing the cardio work, I manage to do some strength and core training and spend more time with the family: as an example, I must admit it had been a long time since I visited so many museums in one week! Last weekend the 5 of us gathered in DC for a special event at Alex's office, and, with a museum at every corner in the capital, we enjoyed a few. Then this Sunday, on our way to drop Greg at Cal, we stopped by the Legion of Honor to see Painting Arcadia, quite a great retrospective of Pierre Bonnard's paintings.

Next will be some news about that MRI, I'm so glad this technology exists to investigate what's happening inside my neck and brain.

Stay safe out there and Run Happy, if you can (run, that is)!

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