Sunday, October 5, 2014

Running and volunteering: the measures J&K stop and go workout!

In the ultra world, we have the famous JFK 50-mile, an event which has run for more than 50 years. But, this Saturday, the deal was about getting the support our local high schools need to stay afloat with an increasing inflow of students. Specifically the measures J&K on our Fall election ballot.
Oddly enough, the impact and strain that building hundreds of new condominiums has on our local school system cannot be discussed at the city councils which approve these housing extensions. Really, what is this urban planning about? All that because the school district has to operate independently, although it has to provide mandatory free education. And since it isn't even provided with enough funding, it has to turn to the tax payers. Who, hopefully, will realize how much the value of their Cupertino house actually comes from the quality of our local school system and therefore support these much needed and sustainable measures...

If the city welcomes hundreds of new families, a great idea by essence, it is particularly annoying and hypocrite that it isn't more concern about the number of students this will inject in our school system. Classrooms are already overcrowded at near 40 students per classes, not to mention the burden on teachers, who remain incredibly dedicated and loyal despite this overwork.
Anyway, volunteers were called this Saturday to go door to door and leave a flier at the door of a selected number of houses throughout the district. Agnès and I teamed up in a bike-run duo. Agnès was carrying the fliers and the list of houses, me running like a dog from door to door. We took 3 neighborhoods and I ended up covering more than a half marathon distance, all made of short sprints and stops. We started at 8 and were done by 11:30 when the temperature was getting again into the 90s. I feel like I ran in circles but when I think that postmen go door to door each and every day, I'm not sure that's a job for me...
A big thank to all who make time to support these measures to ensure quality education for our children!

This Sunday I went for my last long run before next week's Dick Collins Firetrails 50-mile, 30.5 miles from Cupertino to Palo Alto, mostly on the Stevens Creek Trail. It has been a few years since I was able to participate to what has been by first 50-mile, and I look forward to running this challenging course for a 5th time (I wasn't blogging yet when I ran in 2006 and got the rookie win; 3rd overall again in 2008; an ultra-digiton in 2010; and my 2011 Personal Best and 3rd overall again!).

See some of you on the trails next week, then! And, for those of you who are voting in Cupertino, indeed, please say "Yes on J&K" on your ballot!

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