Monday, April 15, 2013

Running in Slovenia 3: Ljubljana's Tivoli Park and trails

A last run this Monday evening before getting on a plane to Athens via Munich tomorrow morning.

With the Tivoli Park so close to downtown Ljubljana, this is definitely the place to run, especially if you are a fan of trail running. Unless you are training for HURT 100, avoid running in the park at night as a few side trails have many roots to trip on.

Here is a 10.5-mile loop around and across the park:
The park is surrounded by the city so there is really no risk of getting lost. That being said, there are a few decent hills (culminating at 1,445 feet according to my Garmin, that is 440 m) and the trails are not straight, so you may run into circles at time, especially if you use side trails as I did on the the North side especially.

Again, although Ljubjlana is small enough that you never feel the pressure of an urban area, the park represents a great escape, a perfect and convenient place to connect with nature and run on trails in this European capital!


Anonymous said...

tu donnes envie d'y aller (pour courir du moins!)

Anonymous said...

Très intéressantes ces informations sur Ljubljana , cela va nous inciter fortement à y stopper lors d'un trajet vers la Croatie, super tonblog , je suis une assidue

Ana_BXL said...

Will try tomorrow. Thanks for this fantastic idea!