Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Other ultra miles for other non-ultra priorities

What a week, I ran 6.5 miles last week, so no fancy running story or event to recount this time... And, no, I'm not tapering on purpose for Way Too Cool, I'd rather be training hard instead. But more important priorities, both professional and family-related, derailed my plans and led me to fly to France for 2 days there for the funeral of Agnes' dad. Flying 11,200 miles and driving 780 miles over 4 days, with a series of 4-hour nights, that's another sort of ultra but certainly not the "way to coolness..."

Here is the family with Papy last July:

Anyway, thank you for your messages of sympathy and, despite the circumstances, I'm glad that Agnès was able to spend the past two weeks with her family and that we have such supportive families and friends. All my brothers and sisters came which made one rare occasion to all gather around my parents.

I also met Sylvie who, like Mom, is an avid reader of my blog, which she likes for 3 reasons: it makes her practice her English, she likes the parallel between her passion for basketball (she is still playing competitively after almost 40 years), and my pictures make her travel the world (although she and her husband are great travelers too). It's cool to have live feedback from you. And here we are with the four Sézannaises!
I went on for 5,200 more air miles for a business trip to Connecticut this Tuesday, leaving 36 hours after our return from Europe, but still looking very much forward to the Cool party next week. Albeit planning on taking it easy and... cool. If I can... ;-) For a few miles of running at last!


Anonymous said...

Sympathiques récit et photos.
Je pense que Jacques doit être heureux de voir les joies profondes qu'il a permises.

Greg Glockner said...

Thanks for the update, Jean. Sympathies to Agnes and her family.

Scott Dunlap said...

Our thoughts are with you and your family. Have a great time at Cool!