Friday, November 6, 2009

Boston Marathon 2010: is it time already?

The rumor has hit all the runner circles, Boston may fill up by Thanksgiving this year! Last year, the legendary event filled up only by February, unusually late. There is nothing on the website, as opposed to the nice dashboard offered by the Big Sur International Marathon on their home page.

Now that I won my age group in the local ultra Grand Prix, I am not sure I am in Boston as I will likely run many of the Grand Prix event again in 2010. I am on the fence though as Scott (Dunlap) is tempting me with the opportunity to run Boston and Big Sur back to back. Big Sur has created an interesting and nice "Boston 2 Big Sur" program, but I had not realized that they were asking for an extra $55 on top of the entry fees in both events, to cover for a special t-shirt and jacket.

Anyway, if you already got your Boston qualifier and are considering Boston for 2010, now is the time to pay your fees to (get prepared for the "cyber sprinting...").

Good luck and Run Happy!

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Nancy Picard said...

Hi. It's always pragmatic to think about race fees...I had a similar chance to do the triathlon Escape from Alcatraz, and really wanted to, but had to pause on the $500 entry fee...which was only a few dollars less than a full IronMan fee. Thanks for the post. You may want to see if you're interested in an inspirational video about the last American female to have won. Thanks again.