Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rhus Ridge: so close, so far

On my 15-minute ride back home after this morning run I was thinking: "how amazing to live so close to this open space and outdoors!" I felt like I had traveled so far this morning, running through the green hills of the Mid-Peninsula, in the cold and windy cloud at the top of Black Mountain, then along the sunny Arastradero Reserve of Palo Alto and Los Altos Hills and returning to Cupertino through Rancho San Antonio Park. A nice and social long run of 29 miles. Far, yet so close. What a blessing to call this area, Home!

I invite you to follow our run through 90 pictures posted in my Picasa album.
Blooming wild flowers:
Wonderful landscapes and views:
Handsome company:
Happy and peaceful Easter to all!


Anonymous said...

Quel bonheur de découvrir ces beautés en ce matin de Pâques et que tu saches en apprécier la proximité...
Le Seigneur fait pour nous des merveilles Alleluia

Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Indeed, we are so lucky to live here. I would also add the ability to run year-round as an added blessing.

Baldwyn said...

Thanks, Jean! I run Rhus Ridge some lunch hours, and I find it amazing to depart so fully from work. There are trails everywhere. When I worked in Fremont, my lunch run would be Mission Peak!