Thursday, February 7, 2008

TCC 2008: and how many words is a video worth?

After still pictures, and while waiting for more words on my TCC experience, here are a few videos to keep the good memories alive. This is also my first opportunity to post videos on my blog so, like for the previous post, enjoy the show!

First, my amazement at looking at this huge sea turtle laying eggs on the beach, the morning before we drove back to San Jose. Our pressing curiosity wasn't even bothering her, she was so focused on her task:

And, now, on the back side, you can actually see the egg coming out. About 1 every minute or so. She had to rush to get about a hundred in the nest before burying them in the sand and getting back in the water:

I dedicate these two videos to two very special persons: Pierre-Yves, whose marrow transplant has been confirmed working last Saturday, the day of his 16th birthday (Pierre-Yves has been fighting a vicious cancer for over a year, see at the bottom of my Whiskey Town 50K race report), and his mother, Vivy, who LOVES turtles. I was very much thinking of you guys down there, you are our heroes!

Now, a panoramic view of Bahia Salinas (Salinas Bay), very windy (a famous and popular spot for wind and kite surfing):
And the musical talent of our local volunteer team, quite entertaining. Getting relief after a busy week and short nights. By the way, no need for fancy drums, water jugs do it:
They were having a lot of fun too:
Sunset over Junquillal beach/bay (camp of day 5):
Last, the finish of Team Ontario (the Mensies family) at Rancho Margot (stage 1), and the camp of day 1 (swampy). And you can see Tica, the small black and white dog who followed us all the way from La Fortuna in the morning, to the Ocean at the end of the week. Amazing runner, hoping over tall grass, branches, crossing rapids and mud puddles. And chased by many big dogs, here a German Shepperd. She eventually got adopted by Team Tufunga (Rachel and Simi) and found a new home and family in Berkeley, California!

This isn't showing much of the hazardous running, I was too focus anyway and didn't carry the camera with me after day 2 but I hope you have enjoyed the movies on these post-race activities. Let me know by leaving a comment on this post. And I hope you can visit Costa Rica soon too, hopefully by embarking on your own Coastal Challenge!

Farther, Faster, around the world.

PS: there are also a few videos on YouTube:
And Stefan (Team Austria) ran with his digicam throughout the week. He told me it will be a while before he edits and produces a movie, hopefully before next Christmas...!


Anonymous said...

Cela donne une bonne idée de l'ambiance et des paysages...avec un plus pour la tortue et ses oeufs

Unknown said...

Jean, I am envious! It looks like you had a great time, and many memories as well.


Dave - Atlanta Trails said...

Boy, that place is beautiful. I may have to make my way down there at some point. But at this point the Coastal Challenge is probably a little bit out of my league...

Anonymous said...


bravo pour ces belles vidéos, Chloé et Clémence ont adoré, pas banal de voir ça!
Merci pour la dédicace , Vivy va adorer.