Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Farther or further?

8 years and 15,000 miles are what it took me to decide to share on my passion for running and endurance.

Much earlier though, I had to come with my own definition of endurance, which I wanted crisp and concise: Further Faster.

Agn├Ęs even got me a RoadID engraved with this mantra.

But I always had an issue with the further: should it be farther instead? Miles after miles I kept the question for myself as I was not finding a satisfactory clarification in dictionaries.

However, in order to use such a definition in a blog URL, it had to be right. So I finally searched the web to kill my further/farther dilemma and here is the first post returned by Google, very relevant indeed: Is it Farther or Further?

A 9-grade lesson, you have to remain modest to keep improving your running...

I found the second Google entry not bad either, although the comments lead to a inconclusive situation (The difference between farther and further).

So, farther it is, since it is about (physical) distance running. Although much of the "way" in endurance appears to be in your mind, for which further quite still apply too, as in pushing resistance to a greater degree.

Thanks for the English lesson, Eileen and Bernie.

And you all, keep running farther. And faster!

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