Thursday, June 30, 2011

Running in Croatia #3: Zadar-Nin-Vir 50K

If you stay in Zadar (~80,000 hab.), there is a nice run up North to the island of Vir. It’s mostly flat and there is a new and very nice bike road most of the 15 kilometers between Kozino and Privlaka (to be honest, I was staying in Kozino, so I didn’t run the first 3.5 miles from Zadar which don’t have a bike path along this very busy road, 306).
I crossed the small island of Vir down to the lighthouse (Lanterna), a section which included a few miles on a rocky trail after leaving the village of Vir and passing the cemetery. Once back to our friends' apartment, my GPS indicated 31.2 miles (50 kilometers) for the out and back (from/to Kozino) and, with only two bottles, the very dry air and temperatures close to 90F in the middle of the afternoon, I had to stop at two cafes (Vir, Privlaka) and one gas station (Zaton) to get them refilled. Here is another nice church you can see from the main row, near Privlaka:
Whereas most of the Croatian coast is rocky, Nin is famous for its sandy lagoon which attracts families with youngsters as bathing is easier and less dangerous for them.
Nin has also mud pits which we experienced with the family the next day.
 Another good long run albeit slow with the heat and a nagging pain in my left hamstring. Not quite the hard training I was envisioning for the upcoming World Masters in 3 weeks, but always important to listen to your body and not push too far, too fast (in reference to the name of my blog...).

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korpa said...

Nice, I will run a similar route in a couple of days when we will go to Zaton for holiday. Just preparing for a marathon.

Attila Korpics