Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello Mr June! June, really?

No, this isn't a scoop, the word went out in November 2010 when the page owners of the "Tribute to the Trails" Calendar Project page on Facebook, Glenn Tachiyama and Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs, sent a preview of the 2011 calendar. Several friends spotted me on the June page and here we are, it's June already! Well, with the cold and rainy weather, it surely doesn't look like June here in North California, what a strange year. I ran by the Stevens Creek reservoir this Saturday morning and it's 100% full! Conversely, Europe, and France in particular, experiences an extreme drought and tornados keep devastating the East of our country...

So, here is the picture Glenn took on the Western States course last June (2010) as we were approaching Duncan Canyon (the aid station manned by the Quicksilver running club of San Jose, my ultra racing club):
Photo credit to Glenn Tachiyama who is doing an amazing job capturing the essence of our sports at so many events and on so many different trails. His contribution to this calendar project helped raise $17,680 for the Washington Trails Association, what a great... Tribute to the Trails!

Just behind me is Meghan Arbogast who was going to finish in second place, just 14 mere minutes behind Tracy Garneau, in 19:15:58 and 22nd overall.

And check this link to the whole album/calendar pages.

Well, June is here indeed but what a strange weather! This Saturday, I ran to the top of Black Mountain in the storm (wind and rain), that was quite unexpected, I've never seen that since we settled in California 13 years ago. No way to get any heat training in this year so far...

Earlier in the week, on Thursday, I organized a National Running Day celebration at the office. Last year, only one runner showed up. This year, 6, quite an increase! We went to Alviso Marina County Park for a 4 mile out and back. We talked about participating to the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot in November as an IBM team.

Also, on Wednesday night, I attended the Vespa night organized by Peter, Gillian and Don at ZombieRunner in Palo Alto.
There was a lot of scientific studies to back up Dr. Stephen Phinney's speech promoting the virtues and benefits of a low carb diet. It certainly is surprising to realize that Inuits for instance can live a normal and very healthy life with a diet based on 15% proteins and 80% fat! Here is one of his article telling you more about the corresponding keto-adaptation mechanism: Ketogenic diets and physical performance.
I personally don't feel ready to kiss goodbye to my dearest carbs (bread and pasta to just name two) but the good news is that we have Vespa to help reaching out to our largest source of energy in our body: the so-called infamous fat! You should give it a try, it really works very well for me and many other athletes to get great runs.

2 graduations (Alex and Greg), one conference in San Francisco (I'm speaking on Wednesday at Semantic Technology, about Decision Modeling), likely not going to log 80 miles as I did this week. But at least a few fast miles, hopefully. And wishing you the same for this week, Run Happy! In the unusually good or bad weather you may have this Spring...

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Anonymous said...

C'est vrai que ce temps est bizarre.
Très gros orage pour nous cette nuit , heureusement Roland Garros n'avait reçu que quelques gouttes!
Bonne semaine