Sunday, March 18, 2018

Back to injury: Another opportunity for an anatomy course

From the microscopic cells to the big bones and muscles, or even the intangible troubles of our minds, I'm always in awe with what doctors have to learn. And I have even more respect as I need to check things under the hood myself, typically when something is getting wrong, another wordy way to refer to an injury...

Yes, another post about injury unfortunately. Never a good time but this one had an interesting timing as I was race-free in March for the first time this century (1999! ;-), and the past 2 weeks were supposed to be a lot of work on speed and volume before a conference this coming week and a few big goals in April. I can't complain though: first, I had already 2 good months to start the year and, second, I didn't miss a race goal yet then. At least not yet.

What's the scoop? It's not even a running injury! As those following me on Facebook might have noticed, I got back to riding. Not any bike but a big heavy one, a BMW R1200RT. Anyway, as I was standing at a stop sign and checking my mirrors for a vehicle approaching from behind too fast, I lost balance and the bike started to lean... I gave it all but, 5 times heavier than me, the bike won, after pulling a big muscle deep in my back.
Oh my, I didn't realize how much every muscle gets engaged when running. Well, it has been excruciating just sitting down and up (think going to the toilets...), bending (think putting pants or socks on), twisting my back while pulling or pushing something (think opening the door of a car, loading the lower basket of the dishwasher then closing the door) and, last but not the least, even walking! That definitely makes me want to stop aging, once for all! I certainly look like I am a super senior in my moves. Even laying down in a bed is painful so I have never slept that badly (I typically don’t sleep much but I sleep really well when I do). The only good news is that it doesn't hurt when I'm working, which would make my employer happy!

12 days since the incident and, despite total inactivity and Agn├Ęs' gentle and comforting massages, it's barely getting better, so that was a big pull, and maybe I should have entered a weight lifting competition at least. At some point I even thought that maybe it was something which detached, I hope not. Bottom line, the title includes a twist, it's back to injury and injury to the back... And, as I mentioned on Facebook, I'll be... back after this setback!

Running wise, because of the conference (IBM Think, you can even even watch some of it live if you want to get some of the action), this week was supposed to be mostly tapering anyway so I'm not going to miss too much. Yet, I'm very much NOT looking to the extreme level of standing and walking involved in such setting, not to mention the travel; that muscle would better finish healing quickly! I'd say it's about time anyway but that would be breaking the rule of patience required in any injury therapy.

Learning something every time, at least a good thing with injuries. Especially when they are meant to heal.

And, in addition to the learning opportunity, it’s also a good reminder to appreciate when everything works as intended in our body which, given the trillions of parts involved if you count the cells, is quite miraculous already. Last but not least, wishing everyone stays safe and healthy. And young for ever! ;-)

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