Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cupertino Big Bunny Fun Run 5K: 3.1 miles, really?

[For those only interested in the pictures I took of 250 or so finishers, here is the link to my Picasa album.]

A quick post for a quick run. And a big change from the 50K, 50-milers or 100-milers! Yet a good cause, a fund raiser for charity: water, all that one block from my house!

I've ran this Big Bunny Fun Run 7 times already in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and, since I'm blogging, 2007, 2008 and 2010; basically every year where Easter wasn't falling either too close to the Boston Marathon weekend or conflicting with an ultra race (American River 50-mile or Ruth Anderson 100K).

This year was special because, as Teen Commissioner, Greg was volunteering to lead the Big Bunny who has limited peripheral sight in its, err her, costume. In this function, Greg and her buddy saw many many kids this morning for a unique Easter shot opportunity.
Kids were also on the starting line of the 5K race, which always creates a risk of tripping to pass them before they slow down, breathless, by the 50-yard mark. Right off the "blocks" Brad Parker took the control of the race. When finishing my warm-up, I thanked him for wearing Brooks shoes but little did I know that was going to get him so close to a 5 min/mile pace! ;-)
At the start I was next to a high schooler, Liam McNell, 16, who wanted to break 16 minutes so I thought he would be the one in front. I ran the first 3/4 mile in second place before getting passed by Ollie Enlinger with whom I traded places several times in the next miles. Ollie eventually pulled away in the last stretch. Brad took first in 16:02, Ollie second in 16:12 and I crossed the finish line in 16:20, good for third overall and first M40-49.
Although my Garming GPS indicated 3.11 miles, I still suspect the course to be slightly short. At least the race was chip timed which allowed for an instant ranking and results posted right away to your mailbox, great improvement from the previous editions. Here are Brad and I with Jeremy, my Quick Silver Ultra Running teammate and track workout buddy:
Brad is going to Boston in 2 weeks to run his second marathon, we exchanged a few tips and I wish him good luck (my other track workout buddy, Bob, is also going there again and, per our recent workouts, is definitely in shape to break 3 hours!).

After finishing, I stayed for 15 minutes to take pictures of the 50K finishers. I got about 250 of the 450 finishers (red bibs), and that's not counting the walkers (black bibs). Nor the many children who took part in the kids race.
If you ran today, check if you are among the 250 finishers I captured in my Picasa album. As mentioned above, all the results have been posted very promptly thanks to the chip timing on RaceMine's website (Silicon Valley Endurance timing).

Thank you to the Cupertino Park & Rec team for organizing such an event at every Easter and all the great volunteers helping on race day but also before and after the race with the logistics.
And thanks to the sponsors too for the food, drinks and raffle prizes which kept the community together after the award ceremony. Rain showers were announced but only came in the afternoon, and still not compensating for the deficit of such a dry winter. I'm going to Marin Headlands to do 30 or more hilly miles tomorrow, maybe I'll get soaked there...

In the meantime, happy Easter weekend to all and a fruitful egg hunt this Sunday!


Anonymous said...

My Garmin registered 3.08 miles for the course. If it was short, it was not short by much at all.

Sree said...

nice. Unusual to see you run a 5K :)